Thursday, 21 November 2013

Music Video Research Task

Rihanna Where Have you been

Mise en scene                                               
  • Forest - to make the video unique instead of being set in an every day city. 
  • Jewellery - to make rihanna seem like she has lots of money and to make her look better. 
  • Sexually promiscuous clothing - to attract males and to build up an adult audience. 
  • Men with bare chests - To show that she makes men vulnerable and to show she has power over them.
  • Other women - to add to the set and to make males watch. 
  • Lots of make up - to make the women look beautiful and to not show any ugly features. 


  • Close ups - to show rihanna's beauty. 
  • Camera shaking - to show she's powerful and can control you.
  • Zooms - to show everything and highlight certain things. 
  • Tracking rihanna - To show she is the most important person. 
  • Mid shot - so the viewer can see everything that's happening.

Katy Perry California Girls
Mise en Scene

  • Candy land - to go with the theme of the song.
  • Ice cream - Katy Perry ate the ice cream in a sexual way drawing in the male audience. 
  • dice - To show that the man is in charge of what she does. 
  • Board game - She is just an object on a board being played. 
  • Sexually promiscuous clothing - To draw in the male audience. 
  • Throne  - the man is the king and is in charge of everything. 
  • Tracking Katy Perry - to point out she is important.
  • Zooms To highlight things. 
  • Long shot To show the whole story. 
  • Mid shot - To show what is happening.
  • Low angle shot - looking up at the male. 
  • high angle shot - looking down on the females. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Photoshop Skills #1

Dodge tool

The dodge tool works by darkening or lightening the image.
How to use it
  1. Select the dodge tool icon.
  2. Select the hardness and targeted area of the dodge tool.
  3. use it as a pen and draw on the image.
Dodge Tool
  • The dodge tool lightens the colour in your photo. 
  • The more you use the item in one area the more it turns white. 
  • It can be used to make a persons teeth or eyes whiter. 
Burn Tool
  • This will darken colors in your photo.
  • The more you use this tool in one area, the closer it will get to black. 
  • You use it by holding the dodge tool and selecting the burn tool. You then use it as a pen and draw over the selected area. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Representation on 'Hip Hop Honeys'

In many rap videos women have no identity except as sexual playthings and "eye candy"

These images do provide pleasures to some viewers. But the concern is that men may internalise the notion that women are nothing more than sexual objects waiting to be used.

These sorts of images are not unique to hip hop. Objectified female bodies are everywhere. They appear throughout our culture in films, advertisements, television programmes etc. However, within music videos, this is virtually the ONLY vision of women available.

I think that in music video girls are shown as sexual objects to a certain extent in the video. Many videos are about the women swooning over the men and that they are just good looking and barely clothed. The men in the videos are dominant towards the females and gives the impression that men can treat a girl how they want. Hip hop videos use this the most but it isn't just hip hop. This style of video is used in many different types of music videos. 
Women are being portrayed like this in more and more videos and it is becoming more popular. The directors of the video are making their videos like this because at the end of the day that is what sells. Lots of men buy the music videos and that is encouraging more directors and music artists to use 'honeys' in their videos. 
However, some women in the industry say that they love doing this job and it makes them feel like they are special. Some girls say that they are using the men to get easy money and that they are only in the videos because they are good dancers. The men in the videos are seen as narcissistic men dominating the women and having a good time. This encourages other men to copy them and wanting to be just like their idols. In the videos it also shows the women trying to be as sexy as possible to win over the men and the men not having to do anything, even if they do look ugly. 
In conclusion I think that in most of the hip hop videos I have seen, they have been portrayed as sex objects and are obedient towards the men. But there are many videos that are just about dancing and not about women in bikinis. 

Monday, 7 October 2013

Powerpoint on representation and stereotypes in music videos

Stereotype Presentation 



  • It was clear and well presented. 
  • It showed that we had an understanding of stereotypes and those that were in the 2 videos. 
  • We equally shared out the amount written and presented. 


  • We could have included pictures and inserted a video into the power point. 
  • The presentation would be better if we found a unique and different way to present it. 
  • we should have read through it and corrected some of the mistakes we made. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hip-hop video review

Hip-hop video review

Hip hop presents a very rigid and narrow version of manhood - one that suggests that to be a "real man" you must be strong and tough, you must have a lot of women and money, you must always be in control, and you must always dominate women and other men.

If you do not live up to these ideals, you will be ridiculed for not being man enough. You will be called names like "soft, weak and wimp".
In the 2 videos they do support the statement and show that if you have the money and the muscles then the girls will swoon over you. It is saying that girls are only interested in money and looks and sends the message that you have to have those things to be successful and liked by people. The candy shop video is about a man who goes to a house with all these women who are sexually promiscuous and are attracted to him. He has expensive clothes and a expensive car. He is the only one there and it is a mansion. At the end it turns out he is dreaming and is in the drive through. This shows you that the video wants you to be like the rich and successful man and that everyone is dreaming about that. 
The second video is about a man who has lots of money and because of that everyone is around him and having a good time. It leads you to think that he can do anything and has a great time because he has lots of money. All the commotion is happening around him and is marking him as the heart of the party. 
I agree to the statement to a certain extent because many hip hop videos are about girls, money and looks. However many hip hop videos are about dancing and you are just stereotyping hip hop because the majority do that. the statement is saying all the negative things about hip hop. There are lots of examples of hip hop that are the complete opposite to what the statement states. Both of the videos supported the statement very well, more so the second one. I think the second video didn't show much of the men controlling the women and they were doing whatever they wanted. However in the first the women were doing what the man wanted without hesitation. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Photoshop Image review

Photoshop image review

My Photoshop logo is for Ravens Wood School after hours. It is an empty corridor with the ravens wood logo on top. It has been shaded and on top are the words after hours with a shadow. Underneath the words after hours there is a sundial in a desert. I like my logo because you know just by looking at it what its going to be about. I think my logo communicates my design idea very well by the images i have chosen e.g Sundial showing it is the afternoon. Even the words are slanted to imply it is the afternoon. The overall effect of the logo is visually eye catching and draws the people in. 

To make my logo better i would of taken more time to find my images and use more Photoshop effects to make it as good as it can be. I would of liked to change the color of my text and added faded images of people in the empty corridor to emphasize the fact that everyone's gone but the teachers. To do this i think i would need to learn more about Photoshop and get used to using it. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Photoshop Items

Photoshop Item

In Photoshop i have found out why to change the style of the image. First you click on the dotted box icon and drag a box over the whole of your image. You then click on styles on the right hand side of the screen and choose the style that you want. 

Sponge Tool

  • This will decrease the color saturation in a particular area of an image.
  • Great for creating certain portions of an image black and white while keeping other portions colored.
  • You use it by selecting he dodge tool and holding it. you then click on the sponge tool and draw on the selected area. 
  • Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Gavin and Stacy Review

    Gavin and Stacy Review

    I think that the target audience for Gavin and Stacy are young adults and adults. It is showing normal life and scenarios that everyone goes through in their life but putting in unique characters that are naturally funny. The directors of the show have put a unique spin on it that highlights and makes normal things funny. In the show they include all the classic things parents and young adults go through but exaggerating it enough to become funny e.g worrying about meeting the other sides family for the first time. I think this show is much like Miranda because they both exaggerate everyday life and show the funny things people do without noticing in their every day life. They both have scenarios in them that most people have to go through in life. The reason i think this type of sitcom is watched by adults and young adults is because the humor is quite sophisticated and most of it is only funny if you have been put through the situation yourself. This links back to Miranda because that show has also got sophisticated humor that is only funny if you have been in the same situation, however Miranda is for a slightly younger audience because of the type of humor. I think that some of the audience could be teens who understand the humor, and to a certain extend elderly people who like comedy. 

    Gavin and Stacy appeal to the target audience by including real life situations and being a very good comedic program  When you see the Gavin and Stacy front cover you are immediately drawn in by it because it is something new and unique. It looks like a good comedy and you know its going to be good because of the contrast of characters on the front cover. It shows their personalities really well and in the show you are immediately drawn in by everything that is happening. There is always something going on in the show and is very entertaining. The way they include situations in everyday life and exaggerate the is very comedic and is a very sophisticated humor. Some examples of this in Episode 3 series 1 are the times: 13:02 and 10:05. 

    Monday, 9 September 2013

    Connotation Denotation


    1. There is a woman who is really old and bony and a man in a red suit who's standing on fire. There is blue, red and yellow colors. 
    2. There is a main with some jeans on and one of the pockets has a red thing in it. In the background there are red and white stripes. The colors are White blue red. 
    3. There is a women's backside being stroked by a hand with a black glove. The colors are white and black. 
    4. There are 4 people in a black background. you can only see their faces and 2 hands. 
    5. There is a piece of metal ripped and shaped in the middle.
    6. Two men are shaking hands on the street with white buildings opposite them. 
    7. They are on a beach standing by a big concrete structure. 
    8. There is a pink checkered background with the words Soulwax Nite Versions in dark pink. 
    9. There are 5 men in suites with a woman in the middle wearing a white dress. There are black and white stripes in the background and the words Blondie in red.
    10. There is a mans face with a black background. 
    1. There is a woman and a man in red who have come up from hell. It is very angry and viscous.
    2. He is very relaxed and the colors are very relaxed.
    3. Very naughty and sexual.
    4. Very weird and alone, sad music. 
    5. weird and unnatural, Makes you feel uneasy. 
    6. The men are agreeing on something maybe selling something. 
    7. They are looking at something and are isolated from everyone. 
    8. It is very hidden so maybe its to do with being shy or hidden. 
    9. She is the dominant one on the album cover and she is in charge not the men. 
    10. He is alone and capable. He looks tough and looks like he is looking at something. 

    Wednesday, 4 September 2013

    Basketball Practice


    Today the forms of media i have used are YouTube, Skype, G-mail, radio, news and weather.  This morning i got up and got ready for school and checked the news on the telly. I had a normal day at school and it wasn't at all that exciting. At lunch i went running with the running club and did quite well. Straight after school i went to a basketball club in Bickley. I practiced for 1 hour and 30 minutes after going back home. I then caught up on lots of homework and played some happy wheels. I have Media studies tomorrow and we are learning about Waterloo Road. I love watching the clips because they are just so funny. 

    Tuesday, 3 September 2013



    Today the type of media i used the most was Skype. I use it to get in touch with friends at Hayes school and family who live far away. I have just recently found out that my TV has BBC IPlayer. I watched the news today and listened to the radio. I'm getting a new laptop soon and i'm thinking of getting a Chromebook. Had a normal day at school today, PE was hilarious because every time the opposition even touched the ball it managed to go offside. I went home and got ready for my running club on Tuesdays at 6:30. I did pretty well but didn't do too well. After the run i got home and had a PotNoodle Bombay Bad Boy, I love them so much. 

    Monday, 2 September 2013

    Waterloo Road Case Study

    Waterloo Road Case Study

    I think the Waterloo Road Logo represents the show well but to a certain extent. The logo is a class of pupils at their desk which are all joined together to make the words Waterloo Road. All the pupils are just walking around or just doing their own thing telling you that the school is not a very good school which is exactly what the school is in the program. However in the show the pupils are extremely misbehaved and in the logo it doesn't show the full extent of their bad behavior and the only thing happening is them walking round the room. Overall i do not think it represents Waterloo road very well because the most information you can get from that picture is that its about a school in Waterloo. 

    They are trying to show you all the different people in the picture and the range of characters in the photo. One of them is laid back and doesn't really care about the school. One of them is standing and has a clipboard in his hand, you can tell he cares about the job and works a lot. By doing this the producers are trying to make it more real rather than a TV show. They are all different just like in real life, instead of all being the same. 

    What time and day is waterloo road on?

    Every thursday at 8:00. They have chose this schedule because there is never anything good on at thursday so they will be the most popular show on at the time. They had it before 9:00 so they have a wider audience. 

    Sunday, 1 September 2013

    Hardcore Parkour


    Went to a Parkour class today and it was so energetic. There was scaffolding on the inside of the building for us to climb around and loads of obstacles. First we played a game of tag but you were allowed to climb on anything you wanted. It was really tricky because there were so many people and you didn't know were to go. i stayed near the scaffolding but at the bottom on the floor so i could weave in and out of the metal poles. i got caught once and quickly after got a person. most of the people during the game stayed right at the top of the scaffolding and taunted the people who couldn't get up. after tag we did different drills and vaults. Most of the people who were there were good but there were some really young kids who just couldn't do it. After the class we all played a game of snooker in the room next to the room we had just been in. I was terrible and lost. When i got home i looked up famous people who do Parkour and found a person called David Belle who apparently made up his own Parkour move. Link below. Also check out Damien Walters. The most commonly used form of media that i went on today was again youtube like most days. I listen to radio most mornings and read the paper.   

    Damien Walters

    David Belle 

    $$EXTRA CASH$$


    Today we had our car boot sale and it was awesome. As soon as we arrived people swarmed our car seeing what we had to offer and straight away a woman bought all my games. loads of people had DVD's and CD's to sell, some even had laptops but they were way too old to even work. we went home and made £50 which was pretty good since we were selling junk. Some of the people who bought stuff from our stall wanted to buy stuff that was worth £2 for 10 pence which was annoying. When i got home i had a laugh with my dad (which really annoys mum because she thinks we're talking about her) and went on the computer for a bit. I played some prop hunt and went on Youtube. The Media i most used on Saturday was probably My G-mail account and watching a couple of programs on the TV. Starting a Parkour club tomorrow and ive got some new trainers. Cant wait : )

    Friday, 30 August 2013

    Its FRIDAY!!!! My first POST : )


    Today, i woke up a lot later than usual and had to rush the whole morning but i still made it to school on time. It was an average day today apart from my English teacher who told us to see a video on Youtube about ultimate ironing. Still the year 7's annoy me and one of them was a bit freaky. After an average day of school i just went home and relaxed. I went on Youtube and found a hilarious Pewdiepie video. Link below. Were having a yard sale tomorrow and i cant wait. I have also recently gotten a new book so if you want to check that out its in the description. i personally love the books and have the whole collection. give me some comments in the comment section and Ytell me what you thought about it. The Media i have most used over Friday was Youtube and blogger. I watched the TV and used my phone. I also used facebook and checked the news.